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Ontario Bible College ^^^r>-cQc 
1987 Graduation Service 
Sat., April 25, 7:45 p.m. 


Saturday, April 25, 1987, 7:45 p.m. 



Chairman: Dr. William J. McRae, President 

Dr. Daniel Frizane (Conductor) Mrs. Sharon Bell (Organist) 

Mrs. Margaret Mikelait (Pianist) 

Prelude (Concert Band) 

Undergraduate Processional Lead On, O King Eternal 

Processional - Hymn No. 38 Praise My Soul, The King of Heaven 

(Sung by all. The audience will remain seated.) 

Invocation and Scripture Reading Mr. Bruce Nethercott 

Vice Chairman, Board of Governors 

Hymn No. 13 All Hail the Po^^er of Jesus' Name 

President's Welcome and Remarks Dr. William McRae 

Choir Then Will the Very Rocks Cry Out (Hayes) 

Senior Testimony Miss Ruth Morton 

Choir Holy Lord (Lister) 

Senior Testimony Mr. Stephen Ford 

Class Hymn Called of Him (Margaret MacLeod) 

Choir Praise Ye The Lord (Arr. Schrader) 


Offering Mr. Gordon Johnson 

Chairman, Board of Governors 

Offertory The Crusaders Overture (Arr. J. Curnow) 

Presentation of Graduation Honours Rev. George Hay 

Dean of Students 

Presentation by the Alumni Office Rev. Jacob Small 

Director of Alumni/ Referral Services 

Dr. John Weiler 

President of the Alumni Association 

Presentation of One-Year Students Dr. Terrance Tiessen 

Vice-President, OBC 

Presentation of Graduation Class Dr. Terrance Tiessen 

Hymn No. 11 Great is Thy Faithfulness 

Prayer of Dedication Mr. John Franklin 

Class of '87 Advisor 

Please note that the taking of photos during the Graduation service is restricted 
to the hooding ceremonies and the presentation of degrees. 

You may wish to stand up to take pictures, but kindly refrain from leaving 
your seat. (Only the official OBC photographer will be moving around.) 

Your compliance will help to ensure that the proper sense of order and unity 
is maintained throughout the service. 


Four Diplomas are offered by the Evening School Division 

1. Basic Diploma • upon completion of 12 courses 

2. Intermediate Diploma ■ 24 courses 

3. Senior Diploma - 36 courses 

4. Advanced Diploma - 48 courses 


Anna Brito-Alves Toronto. Ont. 

Joy Dale Oshawa. Ont. 

Margaret Dickson Caledon East, Ont. 

E.M. Kennard Kitchener. Ont. 

Barbara Proud Toronto, Ont. 

Barbara Virgin Hamilton. Ont. 


Harriet Allingham Mississauga, Ont. 

Wilma Jean Barrington Thornhill, Ont. 

Ruth A. Brown Willowdale. Ont. 

Connie Clayton Oakville, Ont. 

Beulah E. Farrell Toronto, Ont. 

Sandie F. Muma Newmarket. Ont. 

Elsie A. RIva Mississauga. Ont. 

Wendy Anne Whittam Scarborough, Ont. 


Arthur Alloway Missionary Bursary 

Arthur Alloway International Bursary for a Kenyan 

Arthur Alloway Bursary for Advanced Studies 

E.G. Baker Scholarship 

BMMF International/Canada Scholarship 

Stanley A. Boswell Public Speaking Awards - TWO 

Evelyn & Ernest Byworth Scholarship 

Albert Eikenaar Memorial Bursary 

F.V. Ellis Scholarship in Evangelism 

Irwin Gleason Memorial Mission Scholarships -THREE 

Merlin Grove Memorial Missionary Scholarship 

Joseph McDermott Scholarship in Evangelism 

Musical Arts Award 

Cameron Orr Memorial Bursaries - THREE 

Betty Percy Memorial Scholarship in Music 

Class of '36 Bursary 

Alumni Scholarships - TWO 

Governor General's Academic Award 

R.J. Koffend Graduate General Proficiency Award 

John McNicol Memorial Award in Biblical Studies 

J.B. Rhodes Memorial Award in Theological Studies 

Percy H. Harris Memorial Award in Pastoral Studies 

William R. Quinn Award in Missions 

Lester Lankin Memorial Award in Christian Education 

Joseph C. Macaulay Award in Music 

Jean C. Scott Memorial Award in General Arts 

Delta Epsllon Chi 

(Honour Society A. A. B.C.) - FIVE 

Pi Alpha Mu 

(Honour Society A.C.B.C.) - FIVE 

Ex-Rabbi Henry Bregman Memorial Award 
John Honeyman Greek Proficiency Award 



Christian Education 

Brett Stephen Andrews Weston, Ont. 

♦ Linda Christene Diane Bond Glace Bay, NS 

Savitri Brijmohan Willowdale, Ont. 

Zul Dizon Candelario Toronto, Ont. 

Suet Ching Susanna Chu (In absentia) . Toronto, Ont. 

Enrique Henry Friesen Tillsonburg, Ont. 

Pauline Elizabeth Gruer Toronto, Ont. 

Elizabeth Joan Lamrock Scarborough, Ont. 

John Kenneth Matthews Orangeville, Ont. 

Mary F. McCallum Hamilton, Ont. 

Colin Joseph McCartney Scarborough, Ont. 

Roxanne Patricia Menezes Sarnia, Ont. 

Donald Mark Miller Sarnia, Ont. 

Margaret Susan Pearce New Liskeard, Ont. 

Janet Lillian Phillips Maugerville, NB 

David Mark Ridings Scarborough, Ont. 

Fiona Louise Smith Melvern Square, NS 

Shawna Lee Sparkes Niagara Falls, Ont. 

Albert Wallet Norwich, Ont. 

Stephen John Weir Barrie, Ont. 

Christian Education and Camping 

Andrew Frederick Barker Orillia, Ont. 

Pauline Joy Bennett Viking, Alberta 

Paul Richard Cairns Belleville, Ont. 

Bruce James Jones Stratford, Ont. 

Ruth Elizabeth Morton Oakville, Ont. 

Stephen C. Wilson Richmond Hill, Ont. 


James E. Baird Sydney, NS 

Calvin Barry Cockburn MIssissauga, Ont. 

Jenny Jinsoo Kim Toronto, Ont. 

Jim William Vandenbroek Toronto, Ont. 

Paul Allan Webber Orillia, Ont. 

Pastoral Studies 

Paul Stephen Leubner Skaneateles, NY 

Robert Renie Peckover New Liskeard, Ont. 

Dale Gaius G. Peters . . . Pletermaritzburg, Natal, SA 

Shun Poon Hong Kong 

Gregory Robert Rodgers Toronto, Ont. 


Bible/General Arts 

Danette Rae Falrfoull Arnprior, Ont. 

Kimberly Anne lies Owen Sound, Ont. 

Mi-Hwa Sonia Kim Toronto, Ont. 

Lesley Jane Martin St. Jacobs, Ont. 

Donna Lorraine McKay Toronto, Ont. 

Delbert Bruce North Fallbrook, Ont. 

Leslie James Peters Toronto, Ont. 

Karin Elizabeth Rosenau Kitchener, Ont. 

Debbie Patricia Sawie Pickering, Ont. 

Michael Ross Stone Sarnia, Ont. 


Applied Music 

Margaret Fiona MacLeod Ottawa. Ont. 

Mary Tsangalides . . . . Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece 

Church Music 

Esther Myung Won Kim Toronto, Ont. 


Bible/General Arts 

Simon John Beadle Scarborough, Ont. 

Karen Anne Broughton Guelph, Ont. 

Charlene Elizabeth Fair Arthur, Ont. 

Stephen Douglas Lehman Etobicoke, Ont. 

Apollo David O. Midlgo Kakamega, W. Prov., Kenya 

Daniel Peter Schloo Toronto, Ont. 

Thomas Byong-Hyun Song Toronto, Ont. 

Christian Education 

Shawn David Freer Toronto, Ont. 

James Sylvester McNally Don Mills, Ont. 

Kenneth David Stewart Scarborough, Ont. 

Pastoral Studies 

Gary Eric Harvey Stayner, Ont. 

Keith Kenemy Athens, Ont. 

Terence Quentin Koudys Niagara Falls, Ont. 

Bruce Raymond Roberts London, Ont. 

Woo-Min Rim Song Toronto, Ont. 

William Henry Vincent Guelph, Ont. 

Pastoral Studies and Camping 

Stephen John Ford Willowdale, Ont. 


Rachel Hernandez Cruz Etobicoke, Ont. 

Robert James Warren Kitchener, Ont. 

*Degree completed through Evening School Division 



Christopher Nduu Mwalw'a 

Lazarus Nzioki Mutnukui 

Malala Ayugi Charles 

Alice Wanjiku Kagotho 

Frederick Mwalili Mbuvl 

Fieta Wanzila KImonyi 

David Mulel Mbuvi 

Stephen Mutuku SesI 

Joseph MathianI Mbunga 

Richard Ndunda Muteto 

Joseph Kiiru Ndebe 

Stanley Mutuku Mutunga 

Samuel Mutisya Linge 

Julius Mutinda Wambua 

Ronald Klilu Muithyn 

Joyfred Peter Mutisya 

(Mrs.) Lucy Irene Celima 

Vundi Nason 



* Delvin Alexis Willowdale, Ont. 

Kenneth Bucke Gormley, Ont. 

* Janice Bullock Scarborough, Ont. 

* David N. Jackson Lancaster, England 

* Linda Monroe Burlington, Ont. 

* Shirley Phillips Wasaga Beach, Ont. 

* J. Murray Pipher Markham, Ont. 

Robert Duncan SIssIng Mount Elgin, Ont. 

Jean Jacques Wight Ramsayvllle, Ont. 


* Marie Allen St. Catharines', Ont. 

* Harry Boom Georgetown, Ont. 

* Robert Goodman North York, Ont. 

* Conrad Levesque T-oronto, Ont. 

* Dlanne Scott Thedford, Ont. 

* Cheryl Webb Mississauga, Ont. 


Linda Doner Cannington, Ont. 

Amy Duez West Hill, Ont. 

Kevin Fielding Waterloo, Ont. 

Sylvia Oke Mount Forest, Ont. 

Susan Pearce White Lake, Ont. 


Sarah Allen Winnipeg, MB 

Ken Broad Scarborough, Ont. 

Bill Champ Rexdale, Ont. 

Mark Chapman Oakvllle, Ont. 

Donna Creighton Agincourt, Qnt. 

Carol Derbecker Neustadt, Ont. 

Darryl Dixon Downsview, Ont. 

Eleanor Engberts Burgessville, Ont. 

Andrea Feuz Switzerland, Tabel 

Esther Gingrich Waterloo, Ont. 

Michael Henderson Ottawa, Ont. 

Pierre Heroux Toronto, Ont. 

Linda Johnson Kingston, Ont. 

Mary Ann Jolley Willowdale, Ont. 

Brian Long Scarborough, Ont. 

Gavin McCombie Toronto, Ont. 

Steve McEvoy Thornhill, Ont. 

Charmaine Mudge Mississauga, Ont. 

Kelly Munkittrick Orillia, Ont. 

K.A. Colleen Nickerson Corbel, Ont. 

Jeff Northrop Downsview, Ont. 

James Peterson Stratford, Ont. 

Wayne Schaaf Dorion, Ont. 

Venetia Schwartzel London, Ont. 

Jeff Simunic Pointe Claire, PQ 

Julie Sparkes Mississauga, Ont. 

Mark Toman New Hamburg, Ont. 

Joan Trew Port Hope, Ont. 

Lindsay Vansteenbergen Edmonton, Alta 

Brian Wallace Orillia, Ont. 

Jack Wilkinson Stouffville, Ont. 


Denlse Fairfoull Arnprior, Ont. 

Michele Smith Colborne, Ont. 

Janet Wiltshire Oakville, Ont. 

* Certificate completed through Evening School 

SPECIAL EVENTS IN 1987 - 1988 

Ontario Bible College 


Ontario Theological Seminary 


May 9 

May 1 1 - June 25 
July 27 - August 28 
August 10-21 
August 24 - 29 
September 21-25 
September 26 
October 16, 17 
November 7 
November 12-14 
December 3 


January 11-15 
January 18-20 

February 6 
March 1 - 3 
March 1, 2 
March 14, 15 
March 26 
April 30 

OTS Graduation, Bayview Glen Church, 7:45 p.m. 

OBC Summer Evening School Program 

"Crash Greek" course, Dr. Erwin Penner 

OTS Summer Session 

OTS Build Your Faith 

Spiritual Life Conference, Rev. Keith Price 

OBC Parents' Day 

Alumni Homecoming 

Shaping Tomorrow Banquet 

Christian Writers' Conference 

Evening School Christmas Concert 

OBC Global Missions Conference 

Pastors ' and Spouses ' Conference, 
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Lundquist 

Today's Teens Conference, Gordon MacDonald 

OBC Academic Lectureship 

John Stott (OTS) 


Marriage Preparation & Marriage Enrichment Seminar 

OBC Graduation 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Tyndale University College and Seminary 


Executive Officers 

L. Claude Simmonds Honorary Chairman 

Gordon H. Johnson Chairman 

J. Gordon Freeland Vice-Chairman 

R. Bruce Nethercott Vice-Chairman 

William J. McRae President 

Stewart L. Boehmer Chancellor 

Administration and Faculty 

Wm. J.D. McRae, B.A., Th.M., D.Min President 

J.A. Bell, B.S.M., B.R.E., M.Mus., A.R.C.T Director of Music Ministries 

Miss N.E. Black, B.R.E., M.R.H Interim Chairperson, Dept. of Christian 


S.L. Boehmer. D.D Chancellor 

G.J. Bredfeldt, B.A., M.A Department of Christian Education 

R.C. Duez, Diploma, B.A., M.A. B.D., Ph.D.. .Vice-President, Extension Division 

L. Eizenga Vice-President, Development 

J.R. Franklin, B.A., M.A. 

D.E. Frizane, B.M.Ed., M. Music, D. Musical Arts Acting Chairman 

Department of Sacred Music 

G.J. Hay, B.A., B.D. Co-ordinator, Department of Pastoral Studies/ 

Dean of Students 

J.R. Johnson, B.S., M.S.L.S., M.A Librarian 

E. Penner, Diploma, B.A. B.D., Th.M., Ph.D Chairman, Department of 

Biblical/Theological Studies 

Mrs. J.E. Posterski, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed Department of Christian Education 

J.S. Quek, B.A., M.A. M.T.S Director of Counselling Services/ 

Associate in Community Life Department 

Miss M.R. Sailers, B.A. M.S., M.S Associate in Community Life Dept. 

E.M. Sikakane, Diploma, B.Th., Th.M. D.Miss Chairman, Dept. of Missions 

T.L. Tiessen, B.Th., B.A., A.M. (honours), Th.M., Ph.D. . . . Vice-President, OBC 

J. Unger, B.R.E., B.A., M.R.E., B.D., M.Div., Ed.D Department of 

Christian Education 

L.F. Wicks Vice-President, Administration/Comptroller 

B.G. Wright, B. A., Th.M Department of General Arts 

G.A. Wyper, B.A., B.D., Th.M Registrar and Co-ordinator of Admissions 

Mrs. E.A. Davey, B.A., M.A Associate, Dept. of General Arts 

H. Friesen, B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc.Ed., Ed.D Co-ordinator, Field Ed. 

R.J.V. Hiebert, B.A., M.A. Ph.D Associate, Department of Biblical/ 

Theological Studies 
Mrs. G.E. Miller, Diploma, B.A., B.L.S Associate Librarian